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October 19th

The final stages of preparation are starting to come together. For the weigh in process on Thursday I would ask that everyone has their paperwork ready and we will deal with boats in the order that they arrive at the lake. So don’t all panic to be there first. The aim is to get the seeding races completed by the end of Thursday so that we can start racing in earnest on Friday.

If any one is bring with them a friend, partner or someone we should mention, who would prefer to remain occupied rather than just watching the racing we would love to hear from you.

See you all soon!


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October 10th Update

We now have 24 confirmed entries for the regatta including Brad Gibson of BG sails who has very kindly offered a suit of his sails to be awarded to the Corinthian spirit skipper of the event. Our thanks go to him.

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Sept 30th Update

I have updated the entry list today Sept 30th . I have included several people who have confirmed but not paid. I would ask as a courtesy that payment is made at the earliest convenience. All costs in respect of the regatta have to be paid this week and you can do the numbers for yourselves; the paid entries do not cover the bills. There are signs of the weather cooling down just a little this week this of course means that the cold fronts are on their way. This in turn means that we have absolutely no idea what the weather will be like for the regatta. It could be windy, it could be light it could be a mixture. It is sure to be fun!

Also Windward RC has offered sponsorship of a couple of their most excellent Transmitters covers so our thanks go to them.

Mike French

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September 15th Update

The entry list so far has been posted.

Only nine people have actually paid and entered and I would urge those that are coming to send us their cheques as soon as possible.  Those who have paid will be weighed and measured first on Thursday AM as we will have little time to process payments and inspect certificates on the day.  This means that you may be waiting around and left with little time to prepare for racing.  This also means that the seeding races could be delayed.

Over sixty people have downloaded the Sailing Instructions and NORs so it is likely that there will be a good turnout and therefore the registration process may be quite time consuming.

If anyone is planning to ship their equipment prior to their arrival feel free to send to:

International Yacht Training

Suite 200, 910 SE 17th St

Fort Lauderdale



954 779 7764

I will make sure it is taken to our air conditioned warehouse and stored safely until your arrival.

Let me know if there is any further info I can provide.

Mike French

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Sailing Instructions

As you can see the Sailing Instructions are now available for download, click on the PDF in the box on the left.

As people confirm their attendance I will post the entry list so please put your entries in the post as soon as possible.



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The NORS are here so please register your intention to come and sail the Nationals as soon as possible. We probably do not have to worry too much about frequency conflicts but we would like to establish a rough estimate of numbers likely to attend at the earliest opportunity. Many sailors are anticipate so when you send us your entry form please also take a second to drop us an email so that we can keep the registration up to date. The updated list will be published shortly.

To get the NORs just click on the box on the left and the document can be downloaded to your computer.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike French

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Plans are progressing well and there is apparently much interest in the regatta with many having already advised us of their intention to come and sail.

We hope to have the NORs posted later today and at that point we would ask people to start sending us an email and cheque in order to confirm their entry.

Several sponsors have come on board and will provide prizes for the event:

BLACKMAGICK SAILS – Will provide a custom made #1 suit of sails

RMG WINCHES – will provide one of their fantastic winches

VISION SAILS – Will provide a custom suit of #1 sails

We have heard from a few other sponsors of their planned support for the regatta and we hope they will come on board and provide a prize.

One of our concerns was that a very dry winter had left our venue with a less than normal level of water. It would seem that a wet summer period has already started to fill the lake and allay our fears.

If anyone is able to help with any of the event organisation please also let us know as soon as possible.

Another update will soon follow as the NORS are posted.

Mike French

Race Chairman

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July 12th Update

Dear All

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be posted shortly after the forthcoming Hood River regatta where they will be used for the first time.   Any adjustments or improvements will be made and then posted here in respect of the 2011 IOM NCR.

In the absence of a formal entry form we have had a large number of sailors advising us of their intention to sail in the regatta so we do anticipate a good turn out.  Anyone wishing to notify us that they intend to enter can email me directly and I will ensure that you are notified when the NOR is posted.

We have now booked a Jamaican barbecue for Saturday lunch time.  It will be cooked on site so it will be fresh and delicious.

I would ask that if anyone has found a particularly good hotel or other local facility that they post it here so that we can pass it on ensure everyone gets access to the best deals.

There are two good model shops here in the greater ft Lauderdale area that hold the normal range of quality modelling parts and supplies but there are no yacht specific suppliers locally so bring your own!  For reference here are the websites of the two hobby shops I would recommend:

Warwick Hobby Superstore

RC Hobbies

Don’t forget to bring any used parts or equipment you want to sell on Thursday at the weigh in.

The Next update will be 10th August or thereabouts!!!






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June 10th Update

Now that the Worlds are over we will start to move forward with the US NCR planning.  The NORs will be posted very soon and they will have a great of the info you will need.  If you need further info or are on the edge and need convincing that this is going to be a great event and worth attending, then please call me, the race chairman at +1 954 471 4888.  Needless to say we anticipate a good turn out and some of the most competitive sailing.

We are planning at least one organised social event but the goal is to encourage as many sailors as possible to stay in the downtown area of fort Lauderdale so that we can enjoy a drop and a bite in the great local atmoshphere.

We know that most of you, like me, will probably have a lot of gear lying around your mancaves and so to relieve the boredom of the weight in we would encourage you to bring anything that you want to give away or sell at what we might call an IOM  secondhand sale and boat jumble.  I would also suggest that you advertise your wares on this site before you get here.

I have a heap of sails and Bantock fittings that need a new home!

We will have a couple of side competitions during the regatta; one for the fastest changing of a rig and of course the concours d’elegance for the best looking boat.  (Lintels need not apply)

We will publish the list of entrants and update it as the registration fees come in.  It goes without saying that I will do my best to encourage sailors from other parts of the world to race against us.  I would ask that you all do the same.

This event is intended to provide the best possible  sailing for you, but I would like to think that we can also showcase our sport to those people who have yet to be initiated into the world of IOM racing.  If anyone has any suggestions on how we can achieve this or has any connections with the press or useful publicity please advise.

Finally congratulations to the US team members who attended the recent worlds and did a great job.

Mike French


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2011 IOM US National Championship Regatta

Welcome to the 2011 IOM National Championship site.  We are in the process of setting it up and hope to be able to provide all of the information you will need in order to make the event a success.  In the mean time please feel free to email me directly or call and I will do my best to answer your questions.  Here are the basics.

Location:  Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach Florida

Regatta Program:

NOV 3rd…….(12:00 to 17:00)…….THURSDAY
Event Check In
Event Measurement
Practice Day
Skipper’s Meeting(night)

NOV 4th ……..FRIDAY
Civic Ceremony
Social Event(BBQ)

Social Event(Live Music)

Race(No race after 3pm)
Trophie Cremony(4pm)

I look forward to sailing with you at the Nationals here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mike French

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