Plans are progressing well and there is apparently much interest in the regatta with many having already advised us of their intention to come and sail.

We hope to have the NORs posted later today and at that point we would ask people to start sending us an email and cheque in order to confirm their entry.

Several sponsors have come on board and will provide prizes for the event:

BLACKMAGICK SAILS – Will provide a custom made #1 suit of sails

RMG WINCHES – will provide one of their fantastic winches

VISION SAILS – Will provide a custom suit of #1 sails

We have heard from a few other sponsors of their planned support for the regatta and we hope they will come on board and provide a prize.

One of our concerns was that a very dry winter had left our venue with a less than normal level of water. It would seem that a wet summer period has already started to fill the lake and allay our fears.

If anyone is able to help with any of the event organisation please also let us know as soon as possible.

Another update will soon follow as the NORS are posted.

Mike French

Race Chairman


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