July 12th Update

Dear All

The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be posted shortly after the forthcoming Hood River regatta where they will be used for the first time.   Any adjustments or improvements will be made and then posted here in respect of the 2011 IOM NCR.

In the absence of a formal entry form we have had a large number of sailors advising us of their intention to sail in the regatta so we do anticipate a good turn out.  Anyone wishing to notify us that they intend to enter can email me directly and I will ensure that you are notified when the NOR is posted.

We have now booked a Jamaican barbecue for Saturday lunch time.  It will be cooked on site so it will be fresh and delicious.

I would ask that if anyone has found a particularly good hotel or other local facility that they post it here so that we can pass it on ensure everyone gets access to the best deals.

There are two good model shops here in the greater ft Lauderdale area that hold the normal range of quality modelling parts and supplies but there are no yacht specific suppliers locally so bring your own!  For reference here are the websites of the two hobby shops I would recommend:

Warwick Hobby Superstore  http://www.hobbysuperstore.com

RC Hobbies  http://www.rchobbies.net

Don’t forget to bring any used parts or equipment you want to sell on Thursday at the weigh in.

The Next update will be 10th August or thereabouts!!!







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